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    Av G. L. on 06/Feb/2020 :

    Titel : une genetique fiable !
    Kommentar : Magnifique plante , facile a cultiver et bien resistantes aux divers stress possibles ! je recommande

    Av B. A. on 06/Feb/2020 :

    Titel : Critical
    Kommentar : Thought this would be a heavy yield, I got 25% more from Sherbet Queen during the same crop, not really complaining at 60g though. Nice smoke, not too strong either, goes well with a few pints down the pub (smoke break). I grew this under a Hipargero cob/led 800w (248w pull in flower mode) and after training ended up at around 55cm finishing after 7 weeks and 4 days so quite fast. Would certainly grow again !

    Av D. Z. on 03/Feb/2020 :

    Titel : reliable plant
    Kommentar : every seeds becomes a monster plant. love it

    Av A. L. on 31/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : Nouveau client
    Kommentar : Bonjour. Commander deux graines féminisées (Green Gelato et HulkBerry)plus une graine offerte (Critical) le lundi, recu le samedi suivant. J'ai mis à tremper les 3 graines dans de l'eau pure pendant cinq heures puis je les ai mises dans pastilles coco. Quatre jours plus tard, les trois graines ont germé, une racine montrait le bout de son nez sous chacune des trois pastilles de coco. Pour résumer,commande arrivée rapidement dans un emballage discret, graines en bonne santé, un grinder en prime. Bravo Royal Queen Seeds

    Av J. C. on 22/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : Ging wirklich gut für das Erste mal
    Kommentar : dafür das es das erste mal war ging es wrklich einfach. Genau so wie es in den Anleutungen steht. Alles bestens.

    Av A. K. on 21/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : Top weed mit top Ergebnissen
    Kommentar : Eine sehr gute und zu empfehlende Sorte. Easy zu growen und sehr lecker im Ergebnis.

    Av B. G. on 16/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : Super graine
    Kommentar : Je recommande cette variété

    Av B. C. on 20/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : good germination
    Kommentar : this time the germinated 4 out of 5

    Av M. G. on 14/Jan/2020 :

    Titel : Super!
    Kommentar : Alles Bestens, wie immer!

    Av J. C. on 31/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Super variété
    Kommentar : Super variété qui se cultive à merveille, je la recommande vivement !

    Av S. A. on 31/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Cho
    Kommentar : Je recommande très bon site

    Av B. G. on 23/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Festival de buds
    Kommentar : Les yeux fermé les gars

    Av B. B. on 20/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Best name ever given!
    Kommentar : The best name ever given to a strain xD my god it is critical in every possible way! Love it!

    Av A. P. on 20/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Critical success!
    Kommentar : Purchased from local store in UK. Planted in pot outdoors probably slightly too late in the year. Took around 10 days to germinate (vs about 5 days for Painkiller XL seed). Grew well and probably reached around 80cm height with a lot of buds - sadly because I was late in the year, the weather turned colder in the last couple of weeks so I popped them both in a temporary pvc greenhouse however then lost the majority of the crop to mold! Will try again in April/May I think.....

    Av E. A. on 11/Dec/2019 :

    Titel : Critical
    Kommentar : I dont have Much experiences but this seed was growing very fast and stable. Looks very good! Of all the seed stores online , i must say so far royalseed is the best!

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