• White Clover Royal Guardians

White Clover Royal Guardians

White Clover is a living mulch and an awesome source of high-quality natural nitrogen for your cannabis plants. it makes a perfect companion plant during your grow, and can help reduce reliance on store-bought fertilizers. be sure to pick up some for yourself!
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White clover fixes nitrogen and is an excellent source of green manure


White Clover (Trifolium repens) is a tough, low growing ground cover that is difficult to kill and will cover any open spaces between other plants. It has little nutritional or medicinal value but can perform several other specialized functions that help you grow healthy organic cannabis. White Clover acts as a living mulch and protects the soil from exposure to heat and radiation while aiding water penetration and encouraging soil friability. It grows rapidly and is a ready source of mineral-rich green manure. As such it is an ideal addition to any cannabis grow as a companion plant.

What makes White Clover really special is its ability to fix nitrogen. Nodules on the roots fix and stabilize atmospheric nitrogen. As the plant decays, it releases this high-quality nitrogen into its local environment which encourages healthy growth in neighboring plants. Cannabis is notoriously nitrogen hungry and responds brilliantly to White Clover which in turn saves you money on commercial fertilizers. The pretty white and pink puffball flowers are tantalizing for honeybees and butterflies and will self-sow ready for next spring.

Latin name Trifolium repens
Type Perennial, herbaceous.
Height 15-25cm
Harvest Flowering occurs from April/May to September
Effect Aromatic and stealth (ground level).
Climate Full sun or slightly shaded. the shallow root system, intolerant to drought conditions.
pH 5 to 6.
Soil Prefers slightly moist soil.
Germination Up to 10 days (2-3 in mid-summer).
Spacing 15 - 20 cm
Seeds per gram 1550
Note Plants provide nitrogen fixation, attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

    Av K. A. Den 03/Jul/2020 :

    Titel : Good
    Kommentar : Good guardians!

    Av K. F. Den 03/May/2019 :

    Titel : L’utile
    Kommentar : Reçu très vite Joindre l’utile à l agréable

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