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Easy Grow Booster Tablet has a special formulation with all the compounds for a fast, healthy and strong growth. The unique content of growth stimulants, such as microorganisms and amino acids is designed to optimize and maximize plants' growth in their vegetative stage. You won’t regret starting your next crop with an easy-to-use nutrient like Easy Grow Booster Tablet!
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The Easy Grow Booster Tablet is an advanced organic growth booster, which contains all the basic minerals and the micro elements required by demanding plants for their optimal growth. The special bio-stimulants of Easy Grow Tablet help the plants naturally increasing their resistance to diseases. The components of this growth booster can be effectively used throughout the entire vegetative phase.

The Easy Grow Booster Tablet is a nutritional supplement, that expresses its benefits at best when combined with other nutrients. Its formula can be effectively integrated by Easy Grow Pellets because the Growth Booster Tablet and the Easy Grow Pellets do provide a complementary mix of all the nutrients needed for a balanced growth.


The Easy Grow Booster Tablet contains different organic bio-stimulants, which are able to increase the nutrient intake during the growing phase of your plants. Each tablet contains microorganisms and amino acids, that facilitate the growth of the root system. Bigger and fast developing roots will then maximize plant’s ability to transform minerals in energy, thus optimizing its growth and increasing the resistance to diseases.

Easy Grow Booster Tablet can be used throughout the entire vegetative stage, including the seedling phase.


No other nutrient makes watering easier than the Easy Grow Tablet: All you have to do is dissolve one tablet (3g) in 3-5 litres of water. The Growth Booster mix is ready.

If you grow your plants indoors, just use the Easy Grow Booster mix instead of plain water. You can water your plants every time with this booster mix.

If you grow outdoors, water your cultivation with the Easy Grow Booster mix once or twice per week. Use only regular water in between. You can feed your plants with the Easy Grow Booster mix starting from seedling up to the end of the vegetative phase.

When prepared, the Easy Grow Booster mix should be used within 7 days. After that period you should mix a Growth Booster Tablet into fresh water and water your plants with this new batch of nutrient solution.

The Easy Grow Booster Tablet is available both in pack of 3 tablets and in pack of 5 tablets.

  1. Use your Easy Grow Booster Tablet mix as soon as the sprouts emerge from the soil
  2. Dissolve 1 Easy Grow Booster Tablet in 3 to 5 litres of water to have your booster mix ready
  3. Use your Easy Grow Booster mix to water your plants as they need during their entire vegetative stage 1

1 You can store and water your plants with the Growth Booster mix for 7 days. After that period we recommend to prepare a new booster mix.

Easy Grow Tablet Ingredients
Hydrolized protein 30%
Leonardite humic acid 20%
Lithothamnium seaweed 20%
Potassium sulfate 12%
Magnesium sulfate 3%
Calcium bi-carbonate 15%
Organic N 4%
K2O 4%
SO3 6%

    By D. R. on 19/Oct/2018 :

    Title : Facile à utiliser et efficace
    Comment : Il suffit d'avoir un bidon propre de 5 litres. On verse 4 litres à l'intérieur d'eau saine et on ajoute un cachet qui est individuellement dans un emballage plastique dans la petite boîte en carton. On attend que ça se dissolve. On secoue le bidon et on peut commencer à arroser. En intérieur ça remplace mon eau d'arrosage.

    By R. T. on 08/Oct/2018 :

    Title : Super
    Comment : Super produits, j’ai bien vu la différence avec, elle pousse bien plus vite, elle grandit de jour en jour

    By F. R. on 05/Jul/2018 :

    Title : Solubles quick and well
    Comment : U put it in 3,5 liter water then wait maximum 5 minutes and its all done. Plants love it.

    By F. B. on 01/Jun/2018 :

    Title : grow
    Comment : livraison rapide très bon produits et cadeaux génial merci

    By L. P. on 30/May/2018 :

    Title : Grow
    Comment : Tres bien

    By F. B. on 21/May/2018 :

    Title : Ottimo per chi inizia
    Comment : Ho provato questo prodotto come prima esperienza e mi sono trovato benissimo. Faciel da usare, istruzioni chiare e precise. Consigliato

    By R. W. on 08/May/2018 :

    Title : Great Product
    Comment : Excellent product, really gives the plants a better and healthier start

    By I. B. on 27/Apr/2018 :

    Title : great product
    Comment : Makes growing easy.

    By L. T. on 09/Apr/2018 :

    Title : Ottimi
    Comment : Risultati veri ♥️

    By K. B. on 02/Apr/2018 :

    Title : Super
    Comment : Easy to use

    By M. S. on 22/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Vertafort Booster
    Comment : Works extremely well and fast acting.....Vertafort Booster

    By A. A. on 19/Dec/2017 :

    Title : A A
    Comment : Excellent product and excellent team, very nice services, thank you !

    By D. D. on 19/Dec/2017 :

    Title : Kräftiges Wachstum
    Comment : Top Dünger für Kräftiges Wachstum. Bin mehr als zu frieden.

    By S. S. on 18/Dec/2017 :

    Title : Great!
    Comment : First time grower here, I've been really liking these and will continue using. Very nice and easy :)

    By K. S. on 14/Nov/2017 :

    Title : Perfect plants nutrition.
    Comment : Fast end best result perfect plants nutrition for new grower.End easy to use

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Från Laurence Cockle | 2018-09-07 21:07:26

Can you use easy grow booster on your Autos

Royal Queen Seeds Team


Från Loucas | 2018-06-02 12:26:34

Bonjour je voudrais savoir combien de fois par semaine devrai je mettre 1 pastille de grow ? Et pour la floraison combien de pastille bloom par semaine ? ( evidement diluer dans l eau ) merci

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You can store and water your plants with the Growth Booster mix for 7 days. After that period we recommend to prepare a new booster mix.

Från Lucas Piscina | 2018-05-23 13:15:06

Bonjour je voidrai demander si je peux mettre de l engrais tout les jours et est ce que je peux le melangee avec les granuler organique que vous vender ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The Vertafort Growth and Blooming booster are complements to optimize the results of each stage. They are totally compatible with the Vertafort Organic Nutrition.

Från Fabo | 2018-05-14 06:30:39

¿Se puede usar esto mas el easy boost? ¿Las plantas y/o raíces no se queman con tanto fertilizante?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Si, se pueden usar ambos. Easy Grow es un estimulante para el periodo vegetativo y el Easy Bloom es in estimulante para el periodo de floración que complementan al Easy Boost.

Från anonym | 2017-11-08 23:17:08

how much water does a white widow automatic need per day mixed with this booster ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You can use up to 5L of water with three tablets and water the plant as you would do with regular water.

Från Linda | 2017-10-12 21:17:24

How many plants can you feed with these tablets?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

You have to dissolve a tablet in 3 to 5 liters of water to create booster mix. Therefore it would depend on how many plants can you water with 3 to 5 liters.

Från javier felix | 2017-09-26 23:03:20

when using these booster do you have too PH your water?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

We strongly recommend to control the PH of the water from day 1 until the end.

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