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Easy Bloom Booster Tablet provides your flowering plants with enough nutrients to reach maximum bud quality and quantity. This formula contains basic minerals potassium and phosphorus, needed for dense, fast and healthy flowering. Calcium and magnesium are also added to strengthen the plant and prevent deficiencies. Optimal feeding ensures richer yields with Easy Bloom Booster Tablets!
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The Easy Bloom Booster Tablet enhances plants’ nutrient usage during the flowering phase. The Bloom Booster mix contains all the essential minerals needed in this stage of plant’s life, like phosphorus and potassium. Other basic minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, are present in this formulation for strengthening the plant and keeping it healthy while in the critical flowering phase. Easy Bloom Booster Tablets is the one single booster for faster blooming, heavier yields and denser flowers!

Easy Bloom Booster is a special nutrient supplement. This bloom booster will give you the best results when combined with an all-round fertiliser for the flowering stage. The Easy Boost Pellets are ideal because their composition is perfectly complementary with the one of Easy Bloom Booster.

You are free to use Easy Bloom Booster Tablets in your watering schedule, starting right when your plants are beginning to blossom.


The Easy Growth Booster Tablet contains different organic bio-stimulants, which are able to increase the nutrient intake during the growing phase of your plants. Each tablet contains microorganisms and amino acids, that facilitate the growth of the root system. Bigger and fast developing roots will then maximize plant’s ability to transform minerals in energy, thus optimizing its growth and increasing the resistance to diseases.

Easy Growth Booster Tablet can be used throughout the entire vegetative stage, including the seedling phase.


Easy Bloom Booster Tablet is made to be easy to use. Simply dissolve 1 tablet (5g) in 5-8 litres of water and stir. Your Bloom Booster mix is prepared.

If you grow indoors, simply use the Easy Bloom Booster mix every time you water your plants. No plain water is needed.

If you grow outdoors, water your plants with the Easy Bloom Booster solution once or twice per week. Use regular water if your plants need more watering in between.

Nutrients and blooming enhancers should be discontinued around 2 weeks before harvest. During this last period you should water your plants with only regular water in order to flush away any residue of nutrients from the buds.

We advise not to store the Easy Bloom Booster mix for longer than 10 days. After this period you should prepare a new booster mix with fresh water.

Easy Bloom Booster Tablets are available both in packs of 3 tablets and packs of 5 tablets.

  1. Start using the Easy Bloom Booster tablet only once flowering has started
  2. Dissolve 1 Bloom Booster Tablet in 5-8 litres of water and your booster mix is done
  3. Use the Easy Bloom Booster mix to regularly water your plants up until 2 weeks before harvest 1

1 You can store and use your prepared Bloom Booster mix for 10 days. After that amount of time, you should prepare a new batch of Bloom Booster mix. Stop watering with nutrients around 2 weeks before harvest and water your plants with plain water.

Easy Bloom Tablet Ingredients
Monopotassium phosphate 65%
Calcium bi-carbonate 25%
Magnesium sulfate 10%
P2O5 30%
K2O 20%
MgO 6%

    By C. P. on 04/Oct/2018 :

    Title : Floraison plus rapide
    Comment : Ce produit permet t'il de diminuer le temps de floraison ? Pour gagner du temps sur la récolte.

    By F. S. on 23/Aug/2018 :

    Title : easy bloom
    Comment : Produit que j'essaie en ce moment. Il stimule bien la plante. A voir vers fin flo.

    By P. P. on 12/Jul/2018 :

    Title : Prijs/kwaliteit = top
    Comment : Goede booster!

    By F. M. on 28/Jun/2018 :

    Title : nice!
    Comment : easy to use and good results too - and cheeper compared with the usual products

    By F. B. on 01/Jun/2018 :

    Title : top product
    Comment : je conseil ce produits

    By M. S. on 22/Feb/2018 :

    Title : Great Stuff
    Comment : Vertafort Bloom is excellent, watch your blooms double in size just after 3 days

    By T. J. on 30/Oct/2017 :

    Title : makkelijk
    Comment : ik heb zowel de bloom en de korrels van vertafort , is ideaal voor automatische planten

    By U. N. on 23/Oct/2017 :

    Title : Test
    Comment : Einfache Anwendung mal sehen ob es so gut ist wie der Dünger, wenn ja dann fröhliches ernten

    By M. B. on 26/Sep/2017 :

    Title : Mitch
    Comment : Great work good and easy to use

    By J. D. on 07/Sep/2017 :

    Title : Top product
    Comment : Geen gedoe meer met doseringen, top!

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Från Hunde Bein | 2018-10-28 16:27:22

Can i combind them with Easy Grow Tablets?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Absolutely, the booster will complement the nutrients.

Från Mazaa | 2018-07-16 01:17:37

Zit hier geen stikstof in?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

No, the ingredients are listed in the product description.

Från Daniel | 2018-05-17 11:51:06

When do you add the easy bloom to the plant (how many weeks in)

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Start using the Easy Bloom Booster tablet only once flowering has started.

Från Eli | 2018-05-12 12:52:44

Scusate volevo sapere se si utilizza easy boost nutrizione nel tempo di crescita, è possibile poi utilizzare easy bloom stimolante di fioritura nel periodo di fioritura ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team


Från anonym Weed | 2017-11-24 14:57:26

can you stealth send seeds and those booster tablets?and how safe is stealth sending?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Please note that our Stealth Shipping is with a DVD therefore we cannot fit the booster packs. We can only send seeds with this shipping option. Nevertheless, our packets are very discrete, please check out the below link to see how we sent our boxes. https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/content/15-shipping-information

Från Nick Sauer | 2017-11-15 21:37:37

Do I need these tablets for autoflowering plants as well ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

It would work with all kind of plants.

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