Steamroller Glass Pipe

Sporting the prestigious Royal Queen Seeds logo, this pipe is more than just a smoking accessory. For those seeking a more substantial, more direct hit from their bowls, look no further. Steamroller pipes offer the experienced smoker an explosion of flavour, matched only by the strength of the hit.
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RQS Glass Steamroller - Providing Pure And Untainted Hits

The main body of the RQS Steamroller is constructed from glass to provide a completely smooth path for your big marijuana hits to travel along. Not only does this allow large plumes of dank weed to be inhaled, but the flavour is not tainted or altered by the materials of the pipe. Even better is the thick smoke will mystify onlookers as it fills the pipe. Visually appealing and practical, RQS' own brand merchandise is built for smokers by smokers.

To use the Steamroller Glass Pipe, fill the bowl with a strain of your choice. Light as you usually would, drawing slowly to fill the entire glass tube with smoke. Keep your finger over the carb and when you're ready to take a hit, remove your finger from the carb and take a sharp breath in. Repeat until you are suitably stoned and revel at the sheer power and potency of the hits. No matter your experience, you are guaranteed to be surfing waves of euphoria after just a few hits.

The pipe is available in black with a white Royal Queen Seeds logo on the underside of the bowl.

    By S. Q. on 02/May/2019 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Simple and fun to use

    By S. P. on 25/Apr/2019 :

    Title : Begeistert
    Comment : Dieses Teil ist klein aber fein. Für unterwegs ist Sie ideal geeignet und da man die pfeife problemlos zerlegen kann ist die Reinigung so simpel wie einen joint zu bauen. Schlicht gesagt ich will Sie nicht mehr missen.

    By V. P. on 01/Apr/2019 :

    Title : Muy buena pipa
    Comment : Cómoda y bonita, es la primera pipa que tengo y estoy muy contento con ella. Lo único malo que le encuentro es limpiar el tubo, pero limpiar la cazoleta es muy sencillo con una servilleta y alcohol.

    By R. B. on 07/Mar/2019 :

    Title : Tiny but very effective !!
    Comment : A nice little pipe, very simple to use. Thanks RQS

    By J. R. on 28/Feb/2019 :

    Title : Meilleur rapport qualité prix
    Comment : Franchement cette pipe est de bonne qualité pour son prix. Il faudra juste pensé à la laver après chaque utilisation.

    By G. G. on 12/Feb/2019 :

    Title : excelent pipe
    Comment : great teast and cold on touch

    By R. B. on 25/Feb/2019 :

    Title : It's a small pipe, very cool, simple and convenient
    Comment : Nothing much to say about this, you can smoke your herb right away, and it is very simple and cool.Apsoulte MUST BUY. RQS RULEZ!! Your merch is bomb!

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