• Royal Guardians Growth Pack

Royal Guardians Growth Pack

Royal Queen Seeds wants you to grow great marijuana. The Royal Guardians Growth Pack contains the seeds of plants that will support and encourage vigorous growth. So add a little organic power to your grow and keep things natural with this essential pack.
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Royal Queen Seeds-Royal Guardians Growth Pack: Stimulate more growth and resin production

The Royal Guardians Growth Pack is a carefully chosen companion planting selection that benefits growing cannabis in a number of beneficial ways. Using natural living plants instead of human-made additives, sprays, and powders is a planet positive way to grow. Cannabis, as with all plants, responds with vigorous and strong growth to companion planting.

This pack has plants that can be turned into organic sprays that increase turgor and essential oil production. Others are biological insect repellants while improving soil quality and aiding water penetration. Living mulches that add nitrogen are far more effective than dry mulches which can take months to decompose. A number of these plants are multifunctional. They are beautiful, they improve soil quality and act as insect repellents.

The Royal Guardians Growth Pack is an ideal organic solution for getting bigger plants and heavier resin production. Staying away from human-made additives is great for the wallet and is very satisfying environmentally. You will produce high-quality organic cannabis from your own biodynamic garden.

This pack includes:


    Av S. K. Den 06/Jan/2022 :

    Titel : Royal growth pack
    Kommentar : Excellent

    Av H. P. Den 04/Aug/2020 :

    Titel : Growth Pack
    Kommentar : I like my companions. Some seeds were surprisingly challenging to germinate but with patience it ended up being lovely plants so seeds are good.

    Av T. H. Den 08/Apr/2020 :

    Titel : Nice looking pestcontrol
    Kommentar : Wenn schon Bio Grow dann auch Begleitpflanzung.

    Av A. G. Den 15/Jul/2019 :

    Titel : envío rápido
    Kommentar : semillas de calidad, germina la gran mayoría

    Av D. G. Den 24/Apr/2019 :

    Titel : Ottima idea
    Kommentar : Ottimo per crearsi un bel giardino

    Av C. S. Den 05/Mar/2019 :

    Titel : mr c j
    Kommentar : great product and simple to use my outdoor garden never looked so good!!!

    Av G. C. Den 02/Nov/2017 :

    Titel : Fast Delivery and seeds did what they are suppose to do
    Kommentar : They have brought a colourful and fragrant touch to my grow space

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