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    Av D. W. on 02/Nov/2018 :

    Titel : Bardzo silna roslina
    Kommentar : Wykielkowala w trzy dni , rosnie dobrze ,bardzo silna roslina , dobra genetyka , polecam !

    Av P. A. on 04/Oct/2018 :

    Titel : good strain
    Kommentar : Sprouted and grew quite fast. Gave a decent yeld under 400W HPS. Gave enjoyable body feeling with no sick head dizzy. Will grow again for sure.

    Av B. N. on 20/Sep/2018 :

    Titel : Buen Inicio
    Kommentar : Hasta ahora llevan un buen inicio de germinado, mas adelante comentaré como va. Saludos RQS

    Av N. C. on 03/Sep/2018 :

    Titel : Estupenda planta, activó mis ánimos sociales!
    Kommentar : Fumé durante la mañana y estuve todo el día feliz!, más sociable y más activo sin el bajón físico inmediato! Recomendada!

    Av P. F. on 07/Aug/2018 :

    Titel : Gute Investition
    Kommentar : Diese Sorte ist definitiv ihr Geld wert!

    Av T. C. on 06/Aug/2018 :

    Titel : Growing well
    Kommentar : Planted 1 seed direct into a small pot. Sprouted only after a few days and is a vigorous small seedling plant in just a week.

    Av T. S. on 02/Aug/2018 :

    Titel : very good
    Kommentar : it's a very good plant

    Av I. P. on 01/Aug/2018 :

    Titel : Best medic
    Kommentar : Super plante qui pousse bien avec une odeur très agréable tout en soulageant les différent douleurs du corps humain je recommande

    Av C. C. on 21/Jun/2018 :

    Titel : O top !
    Kommentar : Depuis des années, toujours bien reçu mes commandes, bien emballés, avec des cadeaux. Les graines ont toujours poussé à 100 %. Le Easy star est génial ainsi que tout ce que l'on trouve sur ce site. Qualité toujours là. Sinon vive l'euphoria ✌️

    Av M. B. on 18/Jun/2018 :

    Titel : mastablasta
    Kommentar : Nice strain.Growing for 5 weeks and 8 weeks blooming.60-70g per plant.Interesting,uplifting taste.

    Av M. K. on 31/May/2018 :

    Titel : Good for my wife
    Kommentar : It is a very smooth one. Its very good formy wife, when she wants to smoke 1 time in 2 months, because it doesnt makes her tired or slow

    Av A. J. on 29/May/2018 :

    Titel : My plant went herma
    Kommentar : All was going well so far, maybe plant got stressed due to the tight nodes and lack of light penetration on lower branches. Also I've been pruning few leaves a day around 2nd week in flower. Besides plant is growing really nice a bushy, today spotted male organs but only on lower branches so far. I think plant had no major stress so it might be gennetic issue, hard to say.

    Av E. K. on 28/May/2018 :

    Titel : Hi
    Kommentar : perfect variety, beautiful buds. recommend

    Av M. S. on 28/May/2018 :

    Titel : Tight nodes
    Kommentar : First grow under DIY led 120W in a 2x2 foot tent. Sprouted in a day. Vegged for 2 months with light LST. Flower 9 weeks. Dried, cured and close trimmed, the final weight is 82 grams. 0.68 g per Watt. The plant had really tight nodes, with big and thick leaves. It was a slow grower in the first two to three weeks and then started growing quicker. The smell is strong with fruity/citrusy smell. Nice high with no panic or paranoia. Will grow it again.

    Av F. M. on 18/May/2018 :

    Titel : resistente
    Kommentar : messa a metà marzo, molto resistente nonostante il mal tempo

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